Sunday, 27 July 2014

Afterhours: Systematic Process 002

Originally broadcast on Joseph McGeechan's 'Systematic Process' show on Fnoob.

Not going to lie, when Joseph asked me for this mix I was pretty pleased with myself.
For those who don't know, Joseph was half of the BCR Boys, ran Backwater Community Records and Berlin Consumer Records. He's released on Perc Trax and Synewave along with remixes for many other labels. And he's been remixed by Ancient Methods. Ancient Methods! He has played in Berghain and regularly plays in the mighty Tresor. He's also managed to escape Cumbernauld and now resides in Berlin. Jammy...
Check Joseph out here @joseph_mcgeechan
So yeah, this mix was a big deal for me!
It's probably the most 4/4 techno mix I've done in a while, only a couple of broken beat tracks, and also Morbid Angel and Joy Division.
But enough rambling. Here's the track list, enjoy...
01 Blackwood - TS 1 (SLE EP 001) - @statementloaderror
02 Monolith - Blackout - Sonic Groove
03 Shxcxchcxsh - VVVLLLLVVV - Avian
04 Regis - Blood Witness (Edit) - Downwards
05 Morbid Angel - Radikult (Mondkopf Remix) - Season of Mist
06 Akkord - Continuum - Houndstooth
07 Clouds - Complete Control - Soma
08 Furfriend - Endless September (Perc Remix) - Perc Trax
09 Savagen - Practical Education (Practically Educated Mix 2) - DVNT
10 Kenny Campbell - Does Anyone Have Any...? - Unreleased (Performed Live)
11 138 - DECONSTRUCT (Original Mix) - TXTRL
12 Bill Youngman - Levitate - Killekill
13 Blacknecks - To the Cosmos, Let's Go! - Blacknecks
14 Joy Division - Insight - London Records

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